Our Story

Jason Hisley, Owner and Executive Chef 

After graduating from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI with a Bachelors degree in Baking & Pastry Arts, I traveled to Europe and received a pastry certification from the Restaurant School in Vitznau, Switzerland. This opportunity allowed me to explore other cultures in Europe and practice my art of baking with a global perspective. This fundamental pastry training was my springboard into the culinary world and even allowed me the opportunity to compete on Food Network pastry competitions.

The art of pastry production is something I find truly unique and expressive to all the senses. As a modern day baker I find myself treating my products as true works of art that are envisioned and brought to life using wholesome, seasonal and quality ingredients. In opening an artisan bakery, I view myself as a pioneer. Similar to transforming quality ingredients into masterful pastries, I have the desire to transform my store fronts into unique blends of chic couture and old world tradition.

I am also currently the national spokesperson for Medifast.  Working with Medifast, we developed an online webseries, The Front Burner which can be viewed here.  Check it out for awesome tips on making incredible foods that are wholesome and healthy!